With a fully refundable deposit, simply return your cylinder and trade it in for a full bottle when you need it.

Step One

Don't have a cylinder? Simply pay a one-time flat-fee deposit on the cylinder of your choice.

Step Two

Acetylene, Argio, MIG Shielding Gas and Oxygen Gas Bottle Refill

Purchase your gas and you're on your way.

Choose Acetylene, Argon, MIG shielding gas, or Oxygen.

Step Three

Once the cylinder is empty, return it to Hibiscus Engineering Supplies and trade it in for a full cylinder.

Don't need another refill? Simply trade in the whole cylinder for your deposit back in full.

When transporting, storing and using gas - safety comes first.

Check CoreGas' safety guidelines

Trade in your bottle with us at
2D Manga Road, Silverdale